How long has Buff & Coat been in business?
The company was founded in 2002 in Minnesota by a seasoned hardwood flooring veteran and opened in Illinois in 2010. We are insured and locally operated serving the Chicago near and far west suburbs.

How does the Buff & Coat process work?
We deep clean floors with a machine buffer (to remove dirt and cleaning product residue), then lightly sand the floors with a dustless process (to buff out ugly scuffs and surface scratches and prepare the floor for new finish). Finally we apply a new top coat of finish.

How long does the process take?
Just one day! We start around 8am and are typically done by late afternoon. You can walk on the floor in your socks just a few hours after we are done.

Can you change the stain color or finish sheen on the floor?
We can change the finish sheen with our process, but not the stain color. We offer Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss and Gloss finishes…….whichever the customer prefers.

What is the finish that you use on the floor?
We apply a premium water based urethane that has low odor and low VOC’s. The finish comes from a German company with over 90 years of finish manufacturing experience.

Does the process leave a bad odor in the house?
Not really…there is some odor while we are cleaning and applying the finish, but the odor dissipates by the end of the day. If we were applying oil based stains and finish like with a deep full sanding, those odors might linger for weeks.

Can we repair worn spots?
Yes….almost every flooring job we work on has a need for a spot repair. In those areas, we apply extra personal attention by hand scraping boards, applying a stain to match the surrounding floor, and we provide extra finish to these areas so it won’t wear out so fast again.

Does this process work on all types of wood floors?
For the most part yes. If the floor is made of real wood, regardless of species (Oak, Maple, Cherry,etc…), then we can renew it with a Buff & Coat process. If it is not real wood (like a laminate or Pergo type product), it will not work.

Can you renew stairs?
Yes….we do this by hand cleaning and sanding them, then apply finish with stain to renew and bring back the color to the wood and finish them with a nice finish of your choice.

How much does a Buff & Coat cost?
Every floor renewal project is different, but typically a Buff & Coat floor renewal comes in at about half the cost of a full re-sanding. Your cost will depend on a number of factors: How large an area is being renewed; whether furniture moving is needed; are their worn spots needing extra repair, etc….