The best way to clean hardwood floors

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Wood Flooring Corner
Q. What’s the best way to clean hardwood floors?
A. It’s easy to get confused since there are dozens of floor care products available on the market and they all seem to boast that they are “great for wood floors”. In almost all cases, floors are actually protected with a thin coating of polyurethane finish so avoid any products with solvents or wax. These cleaners will actually start to build up on your floor over time and will eventually leave it with a cloudy and dull finish. My advice is so simple that many people find it hard to believe, but it’s as easy as mixing water and vinegar. I recommend that first you dust mop the floor to remove dust and dirt, pet hair, etc. Next, get a bucket and mix together 12 parts warm water with 1 part white vinegar, and then damp mop the floor. Be careful though…water and wood don’t mix so be sure your cleaning mop or rag is rung out and that you are not putting too much water on your floor. For cleaning nasty spills or grease, use a mix made up of warm water with a little dish soap to clean the soiled area and then go over it with the water and vinegar mix so that no soapy film remains on your surface. Whether your floor has a satin or glossy finish, or somewhere in between, your floors will shine.

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